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Group Case Break Rules
1.  We will to the best of our ability maintain a participant list on the homepage of our website.  We will use your first name and the first two initials of your last name as your user name on the list.  If you purchased through eBay we will use your eBay user ID as your user name.

2.  We use Random.org for the randomization of the participant list and team names.  Both lists will be randomized two times and moved side by side. You receive whatever team your name lines up with.  The randomization ALWAYS takes place immediately following the case break while the camera is still running.  We do this at the end of the video to maintain the dignity of our breaks.

3.  The jersey the player is wearing on the card is the team it will go to. Some products have players featured in their college jerseys, if this is the case the card will go to the team that the player spent the majority of his professional career with.

4.  If you own the majority of a dual/triple/quad card AKA multi-way card, then you get the card.  If there is a multi-way card pulled and no one owns the majority of it then it will be randomized at the end of the break between the teams on the card unless we deem the card is valued at more than $200, then we will contact the owners of the multi-way card and have them discuss what they want to do with it.  When we randomize multi-way cards, we will put the team names involved with that card into Random.org.  We will then add 4 "N's".  We will randomize 2 times and the team closest to the top will win the card.  We put the "N" in there so we have more than 2 names being randomized.

5.  The video of each group break will be posted on both our YouTube channel and the video page of our website.  We will notify everyone via FaceBook as soon as the video is viewable. 

6.  All autos, game used, inserts, and numbered cards will be shipped out via trackable USPS First Class Mail/UPS the same day in most cases but no later than the next business day.  Non-numbered base cards will not be shipped out.

7.  No Refunds will be issued once case/box has been opened.  You are not guaranteed a hit when you purchase a spot. There is a chance you will not receive anything.  Upon purchasing a spot in a case/box break you acknowledge you have read and understand these rules.

Please Watch The Below Video Which Is An Example Of One Of Our Group Breaks.
If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Us Via E-Mail -- Breaks@BigCaseBreaks.com

Please keep in mind our group breaks are designed to be fun and entertaining.  We pride ourselves in maintaining honesty and dignity in ALL of our group breaks.  Everyone has a chance at ending up with that "MONSTER" Card out of our breaks but there is also the possibility you may come out empty handed.  Please see our Big Hits Page for some examples of the "MONSTER" cards we've pulled.

If You Do Not Understand How Our Group Breaks Work Please Don't Join
The Rules AKA The Law Of The Land